Uplift Your Business
with motion capture

Gaming & VR

Create a next-level gaming experience with motion capture, you are able to bring the 3D characters to real life!


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Gaming & VR

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​Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness

To replace the naked-eye observation, Capmi sensor enables the exercise coach to monitor every motion of the athlete accurately. Spot the imperfections and make improvements, small adjustments could make a big difference.

#EnhancePerformance #ReduceInjuryRate

Health & Medical

The 3D motion captured could be utilized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. With the precise data gained by Capmi sensor, doctors and therapists can offer a more detailed and direct solution. The whole recovery period could be speeded up.


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Health & MEDICAL

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With our Capmi sensor, users could easily record the dancing motion and routine. It could be applied to different usages, including music video, education, gaming.


Film & Animation

Not limited to the green screen and tons of cameras to capture the animation. Wearing the wireless sensor and you are able to film the scene at any location to save your money and time.


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Introduce the trendy technology to your student, let them have a taste of the future. The most effective way for students to get familiar with motion capture is simply to try on the Capmi sensor.